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Brussels Jazz Marathon

This weekend there were tons of jazz concerts all around town during the Brussels Jazz Marathon. We only made it to a few in the Grand Place on Sunday, but they were tons of fun. The concerts were free, and … Continue reading

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Today we spent the day in Bruges, a tourist city in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. The official flag of Bruges flew in the Grote Markt, a big market square in the middle of town. The Grote Markt is … Continue reading

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A Lovely Friday in Brussels

A few people have told me that the weather here in Brussels is rainy and generally pretty dreary. There have been a couple days like that, but we’ve also had quite a few beautiful days. Today was perfectly clear with … Continue reading

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Grand Place

Today in the Grand Place, the central market square of Brussels, there was music, political speeches, and even some dancing. Becky and Amy decided to get in on the dancing, but required male partners. Due to picture-taking and general unwillingness … Continue reading

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Day trip to Mechelen

On Wednesday, we all took a train to Mechelen, a town in Flanders, which is the northern part of Belgium. The city was beautiful, but usually gets overlooked by tourists because of its proximity to more famous cities like Brussels, … Continue reading

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Brussels Exploration

Since I was awake so early this morning, I took some time to explore my surroundings before going to class. Here are some things I saw. This is a Métro car coming out of a station near my place. The … Continue reading

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Good morning from Brussels!

Good morning from Brussels! Or at least from the courtyard outside of my room. The above picture is a panorama made from several images stitched together. The sun is just coming out here as everyone back home is getting ready … Continue reading

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