Today we spent the day in Bruges, a tourist city in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium.

The official flag of Bruges flew in the Grote Markt, a big market square in the middle of town. The Grote Markt is home to the Belfry, a big clock tower with a number of bells. While it’s not pictured here, we did go up in the tower, and I took a panoramic shot of Bruges from the top. (Here’s someone else’s picture of the Belfry if you’re curious.)

Click on the image to see it full size. I stitched a few images together to create this panorama.
This is about 270 feet above ground, and there were 366 steps leading up to the top.

Later on we saw some street performers walking on a tightrope and doing minor acrobatic maneuvers. They we entertaining enough, but were probably more style than substance. And even then, the style wasn’t great. And there should have been juggling. Definitely juggling.
Ahh the canals of Bruges. I think these boat rides would look more fun if they didn’t cram 25 people into them.

Crowded or not, this kid was interested in the boats and had to be grabbed to keep him from leaning too far over the bridge.


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  1. Steve Tiburzi says:

    We just watched In Bruges at Flanagans last week. I recognize the bell tower and they show the canals a lot in the movie. Good movie.

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