Grand Place

Today in the Grand Place, the central market square of Brussels, there was music, political speeches, and even some dancing. Becky and Amy decided to get in on the dancing, but required male partners. Due to picture-taking and general unwillingness among Mizzou guys, two men were drawn from the crowd to be the girls’ partners. Here Becky and her dance partner laugh as they try to master the steps.

Amy, Becky and other dancers move around the Grand Place.
Amy and her partner dance in the square. Dance must be a universal language, because the instructions were in French, but Becky and Amy got the moves down.
Before the dancing, we all sat down for beers, and a couple people got Cuban cigars. Here Tom lights up his purchase outside of a bar called Falstaff. Purchasing a Cuban gave me of those odd realizations that I’m really in a different country. Legally buying something that would be illegal in the US was pretty weird. The purchase even seemed topical considering the US’s recent desire to have more open relations with Cuba.
From left to right, Tom, Erika, Becky, Amy and Morgan pose in front of a giant parking cone outside Gare Centrale, a train station in Brussels. I love gigantic representations of everyday items.

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