Brussels Jazz Marathon

This weekend there were tons of jazz concerts all around town during the Brussels Jazz Marathon. We only made it to a few in the Grand Place on Sunday, but they were tons of fun. The concerts were free, and the bands were pretty good. The festival was partially sponsored by “Cheeses of Wallonia” (Wallonia being the French-speaking region of Belgium). The cheese was also great. Brie on a baguette, slightly toasted. So good. So good. Here are pictures of jazz (not cheese).

Here Laurent Dehors from Trio Grande plays saxophone and clarinet at the same time. Normally I think things like this are just gimmicky, but he sounded great. He only played both instruments for part of one piece, but that piece was the highlight of the show. It was a really explosive, bop sort of jazz. Tons of energy. Amazing.
Take the Duck was another band we saw. Daniel Noesig on trumpet and Toine Thys on bass clarinet. Also pretty good, but not as fun as Trio Grande.
As I mentioned, the concerts we saw were in the Grand Place. Most of the buildings were built in the late 17th century, so it’s a pretty impressive place to watch a concert.
The most impressive building in the Grand Place is the Brussels Town Hall. The oldest parts of the building date back to the 1400s.

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One Response to Brussels Jazz Marathon

  1. colleen says:

    coolest place for a concert = the grand place… i’m pretty freakin’ jealous, jim buell!

    looks like you’re having a blast! keep the pics coming!

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