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Last weekend we took a train down to Paris, a large city in France that you may have heard of. It really was a beautiful city, and I think we saw just about every main attraction there. It was fun … Continue reading

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London (Briefly)

Last Monday I spent less than a day in London as part of my class. Mainly the visit consisted of a tour of the BBC, a trip to the Natural History Museum, and a EU-related debate. The BBC’s main television … Continue reading

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Iran Protests

Protesters gathered outside of European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday to speak out against the government crackdown of protesters in Iran. Demonstrators in Brussels also called for a review of the recent election in Iran, claiming that Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s … Continue reading

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We had a great, busy few days of travel this weekend. We were in Ireland from Friday until Sunday, and then we took a day trip to London on Monday. First Ireland. On Sunday, we traveled to a small fishing … Continue reading

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New Design

I got tired of the old design of my blog, so I found a template that I liked online and modified it for my use. What do you think? Any suggestions?

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On Saturday, I spent the day in Antwerp, a beautiful port city in northern Belgium. Though Antwerp had some very touristy areas, there were many lively local areas as well, which made the city seem like a fun place to … Continue reading

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NATO Defense Minister Meeting

On Thursday, I worked at NATO headquarters in Brussels covering a meeting of the world’s major defense ministers. Robert Gates, the US Secretary of Defense was there, along with other military leaders. The defense ministers held closed meetings throughout the … Continue reading

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European Elections

European Parliament elections took place between June 4-7, and Belgium voted on Sunday. Over the course of the day, we covered events at polling stations and at the Parliament building. The EU is a bit complex, but I’ll provide a … Continue reading

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Museum of Musical Instruments

On Friday afternoon, I went to the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels. The museum had hundreds of instruments including strings, percussion, brass and even synthesizers. The collection included a wide range of instruments made over the course of hundreds … Continue reading

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Chinese Embassy Protest

Today at my internship, I went with the TV crew to cover a protest at the Chinese Embassy in Brussels. Amnesty International was protesting in front of the embassy on the 20th anniversary of the crackdown on student protesters on … Continue reading

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