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Glass Blowing – Guatemala

One of my favorite things to photograph in Guatemala was people making things with their hands – weaving, squeezing juice, patting tortillas, etc. The most fun I had taking pictures was at a glass blowing factory in Cantel, a small … Continue reading

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Pacaya Volcano – Guatemala

Climbing an active volcano was one thing I insisted on doing during my week in Guatemala, and I accomplished that goal on Pacaya, a volcano near Antigua. The volcano was certainly beautiful, but it was a little nerve racking climbing … Continue reading

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Weaving – Guatemala

While in San Juan on Lake Atitlán I had the opportunity to visit a local weaving co-op. Weaving is very important in Guatemala, and many indigenous Guatemalans – especially women – wear a traditional woven costume called traje. Each small … Continue reading

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Lake Atitlán – Guatemala

Lake Atitlán is a beautiful body of water surrounded by mountains and volcanoes in the southwestern part of Guatemala. The lake was formed thousands of years ago when a volcanic eruption caused the earth’s surface to collapse, forming a basin … Continue reading

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Guatemala – Introduction

Guatemala often made me question reality. We so often see recreations of beautiful landscapes or colorful costumes in movies, museums and amusement parks that it’s natural to be skeptical of the authenticity of something exotic even when we see it … Continue reading

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Scenes from Brennan’s in the Central West End in St. Louis. A bartender rests for a moment between pouring drinks. Sitting alone, but still connected. Max Fitzgerald writes in a fellow comedian’s notebook after a show.

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I spent a couple beautiful days in Toronto in the beginning of April. It was a lovely, clean and eclectic city. The CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, sits near the harbor in downtown Toronto. The … Continue reading

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