Exploring Bangkok

I explored the Thai capital of Bangkok for much of my ten-day trip. Here are some selected photos.

A monk walks along a pathway in the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok.

Matt Cartas writes a message on a roof tile at Wat Pho, a temple in Bangkok. Visitors could donate money to help refurbish the roof of a major building in the temple complex. Those who donated could write a note on the back of a tile.

A series of towers, or prang, dot a courtyard at Wat Pho. The temple complex also contains more than 1,000 statues and images of Buddha.

A monk reads a book in the courtyard of Wat Pho.

A girl investigates fruit in the Taling Chan floating market in Bangkok. Vendors ride boats filled with fresh food, and shoppers can buy the wares from a dock. I bought some delicious pork that was cooked on a boat.

A tourist and a beer promotor stage a fake boxing match on Khaosan Road in Bangkok. Khaosan Road is a tourist area filled with massage shops, restaurants, hostels, street vendors and fun. Yes, it’s very, very touristy. Oh well.

Another beer promotor on Khaosan Road wears some rather provocative boots while plugging her wares.

The bustle of Khaosan Road at night as seen from the balcony of a bar. Every good bar seemed to have an equally good cover band that played Western music from the 90s. The authentic Thai experience it was not.

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