London (Briefly)

Last Monday I spent less than a day in London as part of my class. Mainly the visit consisted of a tour of the BBC, a trip to the Natural History Museum, and a EU-related debate.

The BBC’s main television center opened in 1960, and its studios were home to shows like Fawlty Towers, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Dr. Who.

Tom receives breaking news in a fake earpiece while reading the “news” during an interactive portion of the BBC tour. As a broadcast television major, Tom looked confident reading news bulletins that mostly consisted of BBC advertisements.
A BBC employee works in a studio at the television center. The lights in the foreground are just a few of the dozens that can be lowered from the ceiling to create lighting conditions for almost any show.
The Natural History Museum’s impressive building housed dinosaur bones, animals bodies, and tons of other stuff I didn’t get a chance to see. While there I saw a BBC crew filming for a show. Full circle.
I wasn’t in London for very long, but I’m looking forward to coming back for about five days in the beginning of August.
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  1. Michaela Douglas says:

    Jim! I lived right around the Natural History Museum! When you go back to London, go get fish and chips at the Golden Hinde (the restaurant… there's a ship museum named the same thing so don't get confused). It's delicious! I also recommend Square Pie.

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