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Trees Surround

Ahh it’s finally spring! And for just a short couple weeks in Japan, spring means cherry blossoms. Beautiful cherry blossoms! Here visitors to Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園) in Tokyo walk under cherry blossoms in bloom. The park is within the grounds … Continue reading

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Tokyo Eyes

I’m working on a project for a Japanese newspaper right now. There isn’t much more detail to the assignment than that. They want to me shoot something. The photo directors I talked to said they liked the angles at which … Continue reading

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Pairs, disordered

Having grown up in the middle of a continent, I’m not very accustomed to boats. So the party I went to on a ship the other day was especially fun for me. Below are two pairs of pictures from that … Continue reading

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Marvelous Mangosteen

I love trying fruits that I’ve barely even heard of before. My newest fruit is the purple mangosteen, a tropical fruit that can only be grown in consistently warm climates. Because of the climate required, mangosteens are rarely seen in … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake

I was on a train traveling towards Tokyo when a massive earthquake hit Japan on March 11. The train came to a quick stop and began shaking. Buildings around the train swayed back and forth for several minutes. Large aftershocks … Continue reading

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Harajuku Tunes

Tokyo’s Harajuku area is famous for its trendy teen fashion scene. Here young people listen to headphones at an outdoor music installment.

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