Tokyo Eyes

I’m working on a project for a Japanese newspaper right now. There isn’t much more detail to the assignment than that. They want to me shoot something. The photo directors I talked to said they liked the angles at which I shoot subjects eyes. So I’m thinking about that a lot at the moment. Here are some things I’ve been working on for the project.

violinI think this is an example of the “eye photos” that the directors liked. Here Ayako Okunuki waits between songs while playing violin with the band Pamfu in a studio in Shibuya, Tokyo.

bandJames Francis, top left, and Andy MacKenzie, right, play along with Ayako’s violin in Pamfu. Full disclosure: I play harmonica with them. The harmonica is probably in the hand during this shot.

jugglingA juggler who calls himself タクゾー (Takuzō) practices with juggling pins in Kawaguchi City, near Tokyo.

gyozaA worker at 原宿餃子楼 (Harajuku Gyōza Rou) takes an order for gyōza, a Chinese-style dumpling, in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

standing barNick Erickson, bottom left, enjoys the atmosphere of a small standing bar with a crowd of people in Shibuya, Tokyo.

barA man who gave his name as りゅう (Ryū) sits listlessly in a bar in Shibuya around 1:00 in the morning while hardcore music plays in the background.

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