With Friends

After a lot of thought and the pleading of my parents, I decided to take a short break from Tokyo to see how the current nuclear crisis would play out. I now feel as though everything will be fine in Tokyo, and I will be happy to return to my life in Japan. But when I left the country, many of us living in Tokyo were genuinely frightened. Just before leaving, I met with a group of friends in Shinjuku to relax and think about what our plans would be. 

Masae Kotorii relaxes with friends in an izakaya in Shinjuku.

Jon Palmer passes a drink down the table.

Please ignore the darkness. There are other people around Tegan McKenzie.

Some of us left the country, others when to different parts of Japan, and some stayed around Tokyo. Regardless of our current locations, I think we’ll all get together again in Tokyo soon. 
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