(Real) Chinese Food

I love eating local food anytime I travel. Beijing has been no exception. Some of the food I’ve eaten here reminds me of Chinese food I’ve eaten in the States: meat, veggies, rice. Some is a little different.
Last night we went to a restaurant called Hot Pot where we cooked our own soup right at our seats.

Here Sarah adds ingredients to her soup. Each person selected a base for their soup – I had curry – and then added ingredients.

Vegetables, noodles, tofu, an egg, a gelatinous square of duck’s blood, and some “fatty beef” were all available for cooking. We ate the noodles and other ingredients with chops sticks after dipping them into a sesame seed sauce. Yum!
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2 Responses to (Real) Chinese Food

  1. lizipher says:

    curry… always the right choice.

  2. Jennifer Herseim says:

    Hot Pot! I love that stuff. Try chicken's feet!

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