After London, I flew down to Spain and stayed in Barcelona for a few days.

The Sagrada Família church, one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks, has never even been completed. The massive church has been under construction since 1882 and is still years from being finished. The church’s architect, Antoni Gaudí, designed many buildings throughout Barcelona, and is responsible for Park Güell, a beautiful place I’ll discuss in my next post.

A view from the inside of Sagrada Família. Construction equipment is ever-present inside and outside of the church.

My tour guide discusses the Arc de Triomf, built for the 1888 Universal Exhibition. This is part of a great bike tour of Barcelona I took that showed me all around the city. There was even a stop in a park for some sangria!

Looking up in the gothic-style Santa María del Mar church. The church was built in the 1300s. I think they actually finished this one.

Thousands of people gather every summer evening in Barcelona to watch the magic fountain light up. The huge fountain produces a light and water show set to classical music.

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