The Hague

I took a slightly unexpected trip to The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch) over the weekend. I usually just think of The Hague as the home of the UN’s International Court of Justice, but it turned out to be a beautiful and diverse city. There was art everywhere, a huge beach on the North Sea, museums, and a vibrant city center.

A sculpture by Mexican artist Javier MarĂ­n sits in a park near the city center of The Hague. Several of the artist’s sculptures were displayed in a park including giant heads, horses on stilts, and circles make from body parts.

The Binnenhof in the city center houses Dutch parliament. Though Amsterdam is technically the capital of The Netherlands, The Hague is the de facto seat of government housing embassies and other national government buildings.

There was a huge amount of construction happening right next to Den Haag Centraal, one of the city’s train stations. The signs around the construction talked a lot about the history of the land, but nothing explained what they were building with six cranes. Also I can’t read Dutch.

One of the many unique chandeliers in the M.C. Escher museum hangs over a series of prints. The museum had a great collection of Escher’s works and featured interactive exhibits as well.

Liz looks through an interactive exhibit at the Escher museum. Looking into mirrors in the exhibit gave people an new view in an unexpected direction.

Sand dunes near the beach in The Hague were green and full of plants. There was lots of white sand as well near the water, but I really liked the look of these dunes. Walking between the beach and the dunes felt like you were totally changing environments.

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