Multimedia Projects

Here are two audio slideshows I found on the New York Times website. Click on the titles to view the shows.

Learning a New City Blind

The first one is about a blind woman trying to make her way through New York. It forgoes the standard “my name is…” beginning and goes right into the story. The woman being interviewed isn’t the most compelling character in the world, but she’s interesting enough. The project makes decent use of ambient sound, and you can hear the clicking of the woman’s cane throughout the piece. It reminds me a lot of the story Colleen worked on last year about the blind girl trying to find her way around Mizzou’s campus.

New York Times photo by Ruby Washington

The Story of Two Immigrants

This one is about the different situations facing immigrants of different time periods. It was made a couple years ago, and it doesn’t feel quite as polished. It starts out with the “my name is…” thing and continues with a sort of biography of one of the people being profiled. The bio sort of fits because the story is about coming to the US, but I think it could have been worked into the story a little better. I also don’t think many of the images are very compelling.

New York Times Photo by Angel Franco
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